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  • Virtual Training Program at Dimensional Academy emphasizes to provide quality education to the junior engineers which helps them for better industrial exposure, as well as to have better career opportunities.
  • The main aim of Dimensional Academy for Junior Engineers is to generate new knowledge by engaging in cutting –edge research and identifying areas of specialization.
  • To develop human potential to the fullest extent of intellectual Capacity
  •  With a growth in technology, study methods also have been changing.
Junior engineers with the Help of Virtual Training Program can again.
  • Great Accessibility
  • Easy availability of documents, books, e-library, transcripts, live discussions.
  • Opportunities to develop technological Competencies.
  • Access Global Resources & Library books
The Study Process is made more competent for the junior engineers by various tools provided like
  • Online Classes.
  • Group Discussions.
  • Faculty interaction sessions.
  • Doubt Clearing Sessions.
  • Hard Copies of Notes.
  • Online Assignments.
  • Online Exams.

These are delivered through highly programmed software for our junior engineers. Interpretation of junior engineers Knowledge & Learning is done through online exams. Resources for learning are made available to junior engineers from E-Library, Hard book Copies, Soft Copies.


Virtual Training Program makes the Base of Teaching Program at Dimensional Academy. It Targets on Making Learning Competent Beyond the closed door learning system by aiding on making the junior engineers Competitive, Ambitious, Confident and Prepared for the Industrial Exposure.