The high growth rate of the economy in India has spelt a boom in realty sector as well. With so much development taking place the need to have specialized plumbing and firefighting services are very critical for the overall safety of the citizens.
It is not an easy task for anyone to take up in a simple manner as it requires water calculations along with several approvals including one from NBC. For all such professional plumbing and firefighting related design activities we train our engineers with senior Professional engineers from the industry.
This is a fast-paced program designed to present all major topics relative to the design/drafting and operation of Plumbing systems / Fire Fighting Systems including Concept ,Theory, Water Supply & Drainage Systems design, Plumbing Calculations, Fire Water Sprinkler Systems and Detailing of Plumbing Piping Systems & Drafting.
Course Fees : 50000
Course Fees(NRI) $: 1875